Transformers Bludgeon

Fear Bludgeon, for the warrior is a military monstrosity.

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"To know your own limits, you must first know your foe's limits."

A merciless, emotionless master of Metallikato, the deadly Cybertronian martial art. Attacks his enemies' fracture points while remaining outside their line of fire. High-powered antennas produce electrical fireballs with a range of over 400 yards. Battle armor secretes ordorous, mucus slime. Smoke generators in legs produce billowing clouds of black smoke that disorient the enemy. Inner robot armed with high-voltage electric cannon.

  • Faction: Decepticon
  • Package Type: Cardback
    • Figure: Bludgeon
    • Accessories: Helmet; Laser Rifle; Electric Cannon; Tank Turret
  • Released: 1989 Hasbro (US)