Frequently Asked Questions

So, you have questions about Bahweep? We have the answers you seek.

What is BahWeep?

BahWeep is a website designed to do one thing - help you keep track of your Transformers collection! We are just getting started, BahWeep is currently in beta - and right now we only have G1 toys in the database - but we have ambitious plans to eventually catalog all Transformer toys, variants, foreign releases, and third-party figures - so that we can be your one-stop for keeping track of your entire Transformers collection!.

What does it cost?

BahWeep is FREE to use, and it always will be.

Why should I use BahWeep?

  • Access: We know, you probably already have your Transformers collection in Excel or Google Sheets, maybe you have a hand-written notebook with a secret cipher that only you understand, or perhaps it’s all in your head because you have a mind like a steel trap and nothing escapes you: in short, you have it handled, so nothing to worry about right? Well, yes and no, things happen, programs crash, memories fade, so it doesn’t hurt to have a backup. We have tried to make it easy for you to get started, you can import a spreadsheet or we can help you with getting your data organized and imported into BahWeep. Once you have your collection entered into our system, you can download a copy of it any time you want.
  • Mobile-Friendly: BahWeep allows you to access your Transformers collection anywhere, right from your phone. You can easily search and find items in your collection so you can check to see if you have a figure and what condition it is in - great for when you are out hunting or at conventions.
  • Customizable: BahWeep lets you keep track of your collection the way you want - by allowing you to add your own customized fields - you can add checkboxes, date fields, lists, even make them required fields if you want - it's your collection, keep track of it the way you want!
  • Pictures: A picture is worth a thousand words as they say, and BahWeep allows you to add your own pictures of your figures, and access them from anywhere. You can even download a PDF with those pictures included.
  • Insurance: What happens if your Transformers collection is lost, damaged or stolen? Most insurance companies that cover collectibles require you to maintain your own inventory an keeping track of your collection in BahWeep is a great way to make sure you are organized and ready to file a claim, should the need ever arise. Add pictures of your collection, track what you paid and when - assign a personal value, and when needed, you can download a PDF with all of your items and the corresponding data and pictures.
  • Taxes: Selling some of your Transformers collection? Collectibles are considered tangible personal property, and when sold for a profit, capital gains tax is owed. BahWeep makes it easy to get an idea of what your collection is valued, so you can be prepared for any potential tax liability and plan accordingly.
  • You can’t take it with you: What happens after you are gone? No one likes to think about it, but having your Transformers collection tracked in BahWeep can make it easier for your loved ones to know what your collection is worth, and while it is no substitute for a will or estate plan, it can make things easier on them as they take care of your estate. Knowing the difference between what is valuable and what is sentimental can help keep them from being overwhelmed, or even worse, taken advantage of.
  • Fun! BahWeep isn’t just about insurance, death, and taxes. No, most importantly, collecting should be fun! There is nothing quite like the feeling of checking the box of an item you have been looking for. Want to easily find out how close to complete your collection is? What your most valuable item is? Or how many items in your collection are loose, in boxes, or even graded? BahWeep gives you a quick overview of your collection and can satisfy all those completist itches. We want to make keeping track of your collection fun and engaging.
  • Sharing: Want to show off your Transformers collection to your friends? You can share a public link to your collection. Would you rather keep things private? No problem, you are in complete control of your privacy. You can make your profile public, your collection public, or neither, it’s your collection!

Why Does BahWeep have ads?

Our goal is to become the best Transformers collection tracking tool on the web, and building a site like BahWeep takes a lot of time and effort. Having ads on the site allows us to put that ad revenue back into the tool in the form of new features, functions and a quick expansion of lines and data. But having ads doesn’t mean your privacy is not important to us: we do not, and never will share personal user data with our advertisers. Please review our comprehensive Privacy Policy if you have any further questions.