G1 Combiner Afterburner

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"Following leaders leads nowhere."

Quick to anger, even quicker to attack. Defiant, uncooperative, nasty tempered. Hates authority. In vehicle mode, uses solid rocket fuel packs to boost speed to 450 mph. Tires secrete adhesive that enables him to drive up most walls. Carries 2 laser-guided incendiary missiles, rapid-fire plasma pulse cannon. In robot mode, uses semi-automatic sonic blaster pistol. Combines with fellow Technobots to form Computron.

  • Faction: Autobot
  • Subgroup: Technobots - part of Computron
  • Package Type: Cardback
    • Figure: Afterburner
    • Accessories: Instructions; Label Sheet; Sonic Blaster Pistol; Pulse Cannon; Missiles
  • Released: 1987 Hasbro (US)